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How VigRX Has Helped Me with Soft Erections


I am Stuart from Minnesota of United States of America. Now I am 45 years aged and completely busy with job. That’s why it’s too tough for me to manage extra time for my partner. But she wants me more than I give her. Every time I want to satisfy her at night during sexual inter course. But I had some problems during sex which may be so common for lot of Americans as well as lot of people throughout the world. But maximum of them are not aware of it. My penis was erected and it was almost 8 inches. But the problem was that it was soft within few minutes and hard erection was so tough to maintain for me. With soft penis it was not possible to obtain maximum pleasure and it was too common for me that in some nights I went to sleep without doing any intercourse. I felt so depressed and my wife also dishearten because of it. I felt some other problem also, when I throw my semen for one time I could not prepared myself for second time because me penis muscles did not support it. My wife tried so hard to do excite me but it not worked. Day by day my happy family was destroying because of this soft penis. Though my wife did not said anything more but I could felt her pain because I also wanted my wife so close during sexual inter course. Then slowly my interest on sexual love was removed and I felt that I was going to be impotent gradually.


My wife was so depressed because of it and sometimes she did masturbation in front of me. That was a great pain for any husband, male partner or boyfriend. That proved me unable in sex and I also proved myself as a sexually disable man. My wife argued with me all time based on different issues and pinching or insulting me sometimes when I said anything bad to her. Then I contacted with some doctors and they gave me some pills but it was not works rather increase my semen little. Then I contacted with reputed sex specialist of Minnesota and he suggested me VigRX erection pill. At first I thought it was nothing but a conventional sex stimulation pill but I got first result within 30 days though my wife didn’t show any interest in doing sex with me. But I forced her and she was really amazed after feeling my hard erection and deep penetration. She satisfied this night very much and then daily we started it again. Within 60 days my stamina was in sky and my penis was so hard even after throwing my juice. My wife loved this hardness and again she was satisfied every night with lot of pleasure and with eye watering orgasms. VigRX returned back sexual happiness in my bed and it makes me confident at bed. I ejaculate as much as my wife want and deep penetration for long tome sex gives us so much pleasure and my penis length and girth also increases from before.