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Ingredients and What Make This Product Work So Well


VigRX is a product of not overnight. It takes more than 10 years of research and then a better erection pill was invented for men by researchers. But that not the end at all, still many more research is ongoing how VigRX can re formulated and can be used for many more problems. New clinical studies are ongoing about dosing because the amount of different ingredients is necessary for penis health in different proportion. And it is proved from research that if anyone takes VigRX for 84 days the ingredients must work on body and he can surely enjoy firmer and harder penis before.

VigRX contains different natural ingredients like Bioperine, Damiana, Epimedium Leaf Extract, and Ginkgo Leaf. Among them Bioperine is a new ingredient for VigRX. It can safely improve the absorption of nutrients that mean it can makes supplements works well. Since the time of Mayans, the Damiana earned reputation for increasing endurance of sex, more intense and satisfying orgasms stimulation as well as improving penis erection quality. Damiana also increases interest on sexual activities. When used in combination with Vitamin B6, Damiana is highly effective in sexual dysfunction correcting. Epimedium has an active ingredient named ‘icarriin’ and which is considered as Viagra because Epimedium increase the levels of nitric oxide and it can enhance the flow of blood at penis. Perfect and sufficient blood flow is never maintained without this ingredients because the body can’t produce this that’s why sufficient amount of this ingredient in necessary for human body. This ingredient then ensures hard erection. Epimedium has been used for long time at Asia as a libido enhancer. At very first stage Ginkgo Leaf used for mental clarity, improving memory. But many more research showed and proved that it has significant and very positive impact on sexual function. It is highly effective in treating anti-depressant related sexual dysfunction. Most importantly, this Leaf can improve desire, excitement, orgasm and afterglow and other sexual response. In micro vascular circulation and relaxing muscles are also improved by the Ginkgo Leaf. But most important effects of it, in blood circulation and increasing blood flow to penile tissue that results stronger and harder penis.

Asian Red Ginseng is another ingredient. In penis erection Asian Ginseng is too effective and it also increases penis size as well as harder erection time. In penile rigidity, stiffness, penis stamina, longer duration Ginseng is one of the successful treatments undoubtedly. It also increases blood flow through penis which helps to ensure hard and firm erection. In sexual stimulation, aphrodisiacs, preventing testosterone from converting into DHT, relaxing smooth muscle tissues, increasing blood flow through penis, strengthening and building of tissues is ensured by Saw Palmetto which is also present in VigRX. Muira Pauma, one more ingredient of VigRX, is so effective for treating male impotence, increasing sex drive, removing erecting difficulties and increase frequency of sexual intercourse. Hawthorn Berry is effective increasing blood flow and it also control the blood pressure as well as reduces the plaque clogging arteries.